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About Sara

The Whole Story...

When I was 32 I developed a chronic skin condition that, over the years, has fluctuated between mildly annoying and completely debilitating. Figuring out how to heal myself has been, and continues to be, an education in nutrition and the relationship between what we put in our mouths and the ability of our bodies to function properly. 

It started with red, itchy bumps on my legs that kept me awake at night scratching. I went to see a long line of dermatologists who, unable to find a cause, diagnosed chronic idiopathic urticaria and prescribed pills and creams to stop the itching. But nothing I took or rubbed on myself helped and the bumps started spreading to my arms. After the birth of my first child the bumps became open sores that never seemed to heal and caused a painful and constant staph infection. 

After the birth of my second child, my skin got still worse. I went to see an immunologist who prescribed a course of anti-histamines and immune-suppressant drugs that, over time, got increasingly stronger with higher doses. Eventually my sores healed up and the itching subsided, but it was only temporary. A year later, I went for a walk in the morning sun and when I woke up the next day my neck, chest, arms, and hands were covered in a bright red rash. This photo-toxic reaction spread to my legs, back, and torso and my whole body swelled. When two massive doses of prednisone did not help, the immunologist sent me home with some cortisone cream.

Red, swollen, and miserable, but determined to find another way, I stopped taking all the medications and started researching nutrition and chronic illness. I learned that, since 80% of our immune system is located in our intestines, a healthy gut is the key to overall wellness. What we eat is integral to relieving gut inflammation, optimizing nutrient absorption, and sustaining a healthy diversity of gut bacteria. I began to change my diet and my skin began to heal. Three months later, I was looking and feeling much better!

Healing through food is a progression. It has been a long road to get to where I am now. It has also been a fascinating journey that inspired me to pursue a master’s degree in nutrition to help educate others about healing with food. 

As a nutritionist, I am able to tell my clients, with confidence, that food has the power to heal because I live it every day. What I know is that food has been, and continues to be, my medicine. What I believe is that teaching people about food, and how it affects their health, is one of the best ways to prevent disease.

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